• Kayla Mac Conachie

Happy Yappers OutReach Programme

The OutReach programme, not currently funded or supported in any way via public support is so hugely important and our call for support here is without reservation. We currently engage with 3 large communities in Informal Settlements in the surround of the

Magaliesburg This is where the R10.00 a month, the blanket, the tin or bag of food will make a difference in the life of a dog and restore the dignity of its owner who loves, but for circumstance, battle to feed the animal.

With the HY OutReach, we go to communities, engage, educate, evaluate the general health of animals, feed and assist with access to the state vet to assist with sterilisations; this is where we gain valuable intel and where required, negotiate the surrender of animals where neglect and or abuse is obvious.

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