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About Us:

Happy Yappers is a pro-life Animal Sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals. Situated 23 km from Magaliesburg, the sanctuary is home to around 100 dogs at any given time. A well-managed sanctuary where the primary care includes spacious kennels, free run areas, dedicated carers and programmes aimed at education, rehabilitation, socialisation and preparation for re-homing, serves the greater Magaliesburg and surrounding Rural Communities.

Our care does not stop at intake of the reported cases of abuse and abandonment, it goes to the very heart of care; we work with the local Rural Communities through an Outreach programme . This programme's main goal, launched and currently funded by a Happy Yappers Committee member,   is to ultimately leave dogs in the care of their owners, and to assist with the monthly feeding and care of the animals..

All NPO’s rely on public funding, and we at Happy Yappers are no exception. Our very existence is reliant on people who share our passion, who care and will dedicate any way or form of support to assist us in our humble efforts.

We are making a substantial effort to raise funds and to this end, one such means is our exceptional Country Store at the old station in Magaliesburg. The store is an absolute gem and an experience of tasteful and sought after pre-owned collectables; where seeing is believing and something to suit the every possible taste.

For us at Happy Yappers, care, support and involvement takes on many forms; no form of support, regardless of how little or small is wasted.


Our Motto: If you cant adopt, foster, if you can't foster: donate, if you are unable to donate; volunteer. If you are unable to volunteer, then tell others about our shelter! There is always something you can do to help. Every little bit counts! 

Most Importantly: ADOPT DON'T SHOP!!!

"Rescue: It's Not Just A Verb, Its A Promise..."

Happy Yappers OutReach Programme

The Outreach programme, which isnot currently funded or supported in any way via public support is a hugely important part of our work, and our call for support here is without reservation.


We currently engage with 3 large communities in Informal Settlements in the surround of the Magaliesburg This is where the R10.00 a month, the blanket, the tin or bag of food will make a difference in the life of a dog and restore the dignity of its owner who loves, but for circumstance, battle to feed the animal. 

With the HY OutReach, we go to communities, engage, educate, evaluate the general health of animals, feed and assist with access to the state vet to assist with sterilisations; this is where we  gain valuable intel and where required, negotiate the surrender of animals where neglect and or abuse is obvious.  


Our Mission

“To work actively with vigour and dedication, and to know that the work is not done until every animal that we care for, finds a forever home…”

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